Cyber Forum Dessert 2016 will be held in Kiev on 19th-20th of May 2016

  • Our goal is to unite the enthusiastic and sharp-minded experts from national and international companies, scientific organizations and universities, startup accelerators, experienced developers and investors to discuss main trends and perspective solutions in nowadays IT-services and cybersecurity domains.

  • Topics

    Cyber technologies

    Digital solutions for country, region, city
    Cloud technologies safety
    Big Data, security and processing issues
    Internet of Things (IoT) for industry and services
    Biometric technologies
    Green IT

    Cyber banking

    Modern payment for state administrative services
    Implementation Bank-ID I in Ukraine, world experience
    Safety of financial transactions
    Safety of bank IT-systems and services
    New defense technologies in the Internet (blockchain)

    Cyber systems

    E-government ecosystem
    Smart city, smart house
    Cybersecurity of smart-grid and industrial systems
    Cybersecurity of automotive systems
    Unmanned intelligent systems

    Cyber country

    Multi-functional passport
    Mobile ID: digital identification services
    Next generation identification solutions and technologies
    Digital identification – e-government unlock

    Cyber cooperation

    State-private partnership in cyberprojects development
    Investors attraction
    R&D: W2W universities cooperation in IT-industry
    Reliability and safety economical issues
    Politics and methods of cybersecurity
    Global safety aspects, green technologies: education, training, collaboration